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Aurelio's Pizza celebrates Mother Day With You! Surprise your Mother by buying a Giftcard worth $50 and get a Free $10 worth Gift Card just for You! Only on Participating Locations
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Aurelio's Pizza celebrates Pizza Party Day On May 20, With You! Get a Chance to win a Free Gift Card Worth $50 by sharing the video on facebook.
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7 months ago

$50 Free Gift Card

Aurelio's Pizza celebrates Fathers Day! As a part of celebration, delighted to offer a $50 worth gift card and a Pair of classy shoes to one of its loyal customer! Share their facebook post and Get a chance to win
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Aurelio's Pizza celebrates Fathers Day With You! Now Treat your father by buying a Giftcard worth $50 and get a Free $10 worth Gift Card! Only on Participating Locations
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7 months ago

School GiveAway!

Aurelio's Pizza gift $50 worth of school supplies AND $50 worth of Aurelio's Pizza to school students. All you need to do is share and comment facebook page.Get achance to Win.
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7 months ago

$63 Free Gift Card

Aurelio's Pizza celebrates its 63 year! As a part of celebration, delighted to offer a $63 worth gift card to one of its loyal customer! Share their facebook post and Get a chance to win
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7 months ago

Earn A Referral Bonus!

Signed Up for Rewards Programs? Welcome ! Now Earn More as a Referral Bonus by inviting your friends to Download the App.Earn additional bonus along with 50 points and 5% rewards on every purchase. No Offer codes needed.
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Join Rewards Program of Aurelio's pizza and Earn 5% Reawrds on every purchase.Initial point 50 Rewards will be added as welcome offer.No Discount Codes Needed
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7 months ago

Earn Rewards!

Download the free rewards app named "Joe Sent Me Rewards"of Aurelio's Pizza and earn rewards with each visit! Get 50 points towards download! No Coupons necessary.
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About Aurelio's Pizza

The renowned restaurant Aurelio's Pizza has been providing you with wonderful meals since 1959. Tell 'em Joe Sent Me is the company's motto. Due to the fact that Aurelio's Pizza operates under a warrant, entrepreneurs can easily open their own Aurelio's Pizza location..

When Joe Aurelio decided to open a pizzeria in Homewood, Illinois, the history of Aurelio's Pizza can be traced back to 1959. With just four tables and a tiny kitchen with one oven, this establishment welcomed any enthusiastic visitors. Joe started experimenting with dough, crust, and toppings even though pizza was still a relatively new concept in Illinois at the time.

Despite his relative development, Joe was nonetheless present and actively in charge of the food's quality. In 1974, Joe decided to license this Pizza concept, making it the fifth pizza franchise company in the country. At this time, Aurelio's Pizza was expanding and opening dozens of new locations. On the other side, Joe was hard at work constructing a sizable flagship restaurant, which in 1977 became the largest pizzeria in the world.

Despite the difficulties of the day, Aurelio's Pizza has managed to open more stores while also enhancing its operational efficiency. Aurelio's Pizza didn't seem to be going backwards; rather, it appeared to be progressing. Each week, thousands of visitors to Aurelio's  helped to establish the customs and memories that have been passed down through the years.

With ten new locations added in three states during the 1980s, This franchise expansion was one of its most successful periods. The fame of this went beyond south suburban Chicago and into Indiana and Minnesota. Restaurants have opened in Tinley Park, Richton Park, Palos Heights, Roseville, MN, Chicago Heights, Portage, Valparaiso, Crown Point, and Crete, Illinois.

This yummy Pizza celebrated its 50th year in business on August 20, 2009. As part of the Around The Chain in 80 Days event, individual festivities were staged at each franchise site to mark this achievement. This culminated in the "1959 Pricing Night," during which all restaurants offered pizza at 1959 prices.

At the store level, new technology is being employed in the form of new Point of Sale systems, which integrate the new "Joe Sent Me Rewards," a key component of our recently released smartphone app. In order to improve brand consistency and customer service satisfaction across the franchise system, Corporate Aurelio's  launched a new Quality Control Program in 2013. So far, the results have been promising.

Aurelio’s Pizza Menu

There are two ways to prepare Aurelio's Pizza: from frozen or from thawed. Thin-crust Chicago-style pizza and fresh spinach calabrese, both of which are enhanced with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, are Aurelio's Pizza's specialties. Aurelio's Pizza is the perfect destination for you if Chicago-style pie interests you and you want to leave your taste senses in wonder of the pizza.

They provide chicken pizza, spinach pizza, taco pizza, and stuffed cheese pizza, among other varieties. Fresh thin-crust pizza dough made without yeast is used to make the Easy Margherita Pizza, which is then topped with basil, pure mozzarella cheese, and the traditional virgin tomato chili sauce. The gluten-free pizza dough they make is delicious and easy to make.

This brand  Pizza has a broad range of sandwiches, like Aurelio's Italian submarine sandwich, Homemade meatball sandwich, Chicken sandwich, Ham sandwich, and other options.

A wide variety of pasta dishes are also available, including mostaccioli, chicken alfredo, spaghetti, cheese ravioli, fettuccine, and many more.

Aurelio's Pizza sells many drinks, including bottled water, Mug root beer, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Sierra Mist.

If you want to have dessert at yummy pizza, you've come to the perfect spot because they also provide chocolate chip cookies, cannoli, and oatmeal cookies.

Aurelio’s Pizza Military Discount

A popular brand that rewards loyal consumers with a range of incentives is Aurelio's Pizza. Even if there isn't a unique coupon code available for active duty personnel and veterans, there are hundreds of other coupons that can be used in its place. Please remember that some holidays, like Veterans Day, are always celebrated. On the official website of taste Pizza, you can find additional promotions for veterans and persons in the armed forces.

Aurelio’s Pizza  Student Discount

They provide nothing less than incredible student discounts. There is some room in your budget thanks to The Incredible Pizza's 15% student discount.

They don't offer a student discount on a regular basis, but every now and then, they like to surprise people with unique student discount codes. In a place close to a school or playground, a student discount is substantially more likely to be offered. Simply look out for any general promotional materials that the pizza shops could offer.

Aurelio’s Pizza  Teacher Discount 

No one may receive a teacher discount at  Pizza. There is no teacher discount listed on the official website or Facebook page. Nevertheless, yummy  Pizza occasionally offers teachers at some of its locations unique coupon codes good for discounts of up to 20% off on weekends in order to recognize their contributions.

All instructors receive excellent discounts at all locations on days designated especially for them. By presenting a valid ID at reception, teachers can take advantage of these discount codes and offers.

Aurelio’s Pizza Senior Discount

We did some research and found that Aurelio's Pizza does not provide senior discounts on a national level. That suggests there isn't a senior discount that can be used at any retailer. You should also be aware that Aurelio's Pizza gives its franchisees a lot of latitude.

You can see from that illustration that specific senior discounts are exclusively available at a specific retailer. The fact that this pizza eatery offers tempting senior membership discounts is a plus. Seniors who meet the age requirements are invited to sign up and start utilizing the discounts and promotional coupons.

Aurelio’s Pizza Special Discount

The way this Pizza handles special offers and bonuses is what makes it so well-liked across the nation. It comes as no surprise that Aurelio's Pizza has a fantastic array of special deals for its customers. There are other additional deals, as you should be aware.

This function, called E-Club, offers significant benefits and incentives to all customers. You will start to earn points after placing your first order at Aurelio's Pizza, which you can then redeem for savings on subsequent purchases. The best part of E-Club is that after earning enough points, it also enables Aurelio's Pizza clients to place free orders.

Aurelio’s Pizza  First Order Discount

The Aurelio's Pizza E-Club can be useful in relation to the first-order offer. There, all new customers who sign up get a total of 50 points that they can use to buy other meals. The benefit of this offer is that all initial orders are eligible for particular reductions that vary by area.

While some retailers provide a 10% discount, others concentrate on particular menu items. There are so many yummy Pizza first-order discounts offered, so it's clear they cherish potential consumers.

Aurelio’s Pizza Free Delivery:

You may just walk into any of Pizza's locations to place an order, call them, or place an order online. They also offer takeout and delivery options for its clients. They do not offer any free delivery choices, which is unfortunate given that they work with a third-party delivery partner.

But you can always locate discounts on their websites to help you get free delivery, and they might even offer you some incentives like getting free delivery if your order is over a particular amount.

Aurelio’s Pizza BOGO Deal

You should be aware of the BOGO deal if you want to receive a sizable discount on your meal at delicious yummiest Pizza. It basically means Buy One Get One Free, and these are only-at-certain-locations promotions that exist for a limited time.

On occasion, Aurelio's Pizza offers free savings, such a $10 bonus. You will get a Treat Yourself card when you spend $50 on a gift card, and you can use it to obtain a free pizza. This offer is only valid on a select number of items, but you can always check their website or get in touch with the store location that is closest to you for the greatest deals.

How To Use Aurelio’s Pizza Coupons Online 

When they come from a big fast-food chain like this Pizza, finding high discount coupons while you're famished is a great steal. Fortunately, they offer discounts and special offers throughout the year so you may enjoy their distinctive meals at a fair price.

There are many easy-to-redeem coupons available from Aurelio's Pizza. Both their online and offline sites are available for use. To use their coupon code for significant savings on your purchase, just add the items to your cart, copy and paste it during checkout, and then proceed to payment. If you are ordering from their store, consult the waiter before placing your order.

Aurelio’s Pizza Rewards

Every company recognizes and values the contributions made by its customers to the development of the brand. For the loyal customer base of Aurelio's Pizza, This Stars cards offer significant rewards. You can use this card to buy pizza at any  restaurant.

When using this rewards program, you may accumulate one point for each dollar spent at any of their stores. You will receive a $10 Aurelio's Reward on the card once you have acquired 100 points at any of their offline stores. You have 120 days to use this reward by making an online or in-person purchase.

Aurelio’s Pizza Returns 

The company's dedication to customer satisfaction initiatives is just another exceptional feature that sets Aurelio's Pizza apart. If you eat in, you may easily replace any unnecessary orders or bad food.

You can always ask for a refund as an alternative. For online deliveries,  Pizza keeps replacing any orders that are reported to be in error. Although it is not the only consideration for replacement, your order is one of the most significant ones.

Aurelio’s Pizza Gift Card

There are very few people who do not enjoy a great pizza, so if you know someone who does, the finest gift you can give them is a dinner at Aurelio's Pizza, which offers a wide selection of toppings and a variety of pan crust flavors.

With the use of gift cards, you may do it quickly and easily. The ability to try out a restaurant's menu items for free is provided through gift cards, which is a wonderful perk. Fortunately, yummy Pizza offers gift cards to its loyal customers. These may be acquired on their website or in their locations.

Aurelio’s Pizza Delivery Policy

Delivery guidelines, Aurelio's Pizza deals and promotions are related to the meal. On your food, you're constantly receiving good prices. On certain occasions for a short time, they provide 50% off a selection of goods; you may also think of the BOGO offer as a 50% off discount. However, you can search online for coupon codes that will give you the same, if not better, discount on your orders with a number of reductions.

Aurelio’s Pizza Deal of The Day

With ongoing promotions and discounts, This delicious Pizza keeps its customers amused. Their clients may always find the most recent deals and discounts. The deal of the day discounts are usually offered on special occasions, but you must act fast because they are only valid for a short period of time. You can access the information you require on their website if you want to learn more about the current deal of the day.

Aurelio’s Pizza Locations 

In addition to approximately 37 restaurant sites across six states, including Addison, Portage, Naperville, Ramsey, Griffith, Chicago, Tinley Park, Homewood, Crown Point, Villa Park, Winfield, and others, Aurelio's Pizza has three corporate-owned locations.

The US city of Homewood, Illinois, is where delicious yummy Pizza is headquartered. By conducting a search on their official website or directly on Google Maps, you can find a nearby delicious Pizza restaurant. They frequently offer discount coupons that may be used online and at their physical stores.

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