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Make use of this printable deals at to get a large XL 18 inch pizza just for only $11.99. Selected locations only.
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About Five Star Pizza:

It’s not unknown that pizza is one of the most loved food items in the world. However, when it comes to the US, pizza is more of an emotion among Americans. Even though pizza was invented by Italians, Americans made it a favorite in a short time.

According to many reports, almost 80% of Americans prefer pizza as their favorite food. Be it a house party or late-night dinner, this food can make someone’s day. And that’s the reason you can see most top pizza brands are from the US.

In fact, many US pizza brands are very popular worldwide. Besides these top brands, you can find small pizza joints here and there. In this case, Five Star Pizza is a quite well-known pizza company in America.

Because of the unique taste and the menu variety, this company made a special spot in pizza lovers’ hearts. Founded in 1988, Five Star Pizza became one of the most promising restaurant chains in this country.

John Gillespie was the founder of Five Star Pizza. He opened the first store in Gainesville, Florida. His main motive was to deliver pizza fast. And he was determined to deliver pizza any time of the day or night.

People started loving this restaurant soon. After some time, it became the favorite place of University of Florida students’. After the huge response from the first store, Gillespie started building the second location in Gainesville. However, the second store was managed by Gillespie’s brother Steve.

Soon after the opening of the second store, they also opened the third outlet in Ocala. Right now, Five Star Pizza has a total of 20 locations in America. Some of the most popular Five Star Pizza stores are located in Jacksonville, Ormond Beach, and Ocala.

According to the official website, they never compromised the taste and quality of pizza even with the increasing cost of ingredients. For example, you can still get 16-inch large pizzas in this company. Hence, they also introduced 18 and 24-inch large pizzas.

That’s why most people prefer Five Star Pizza for large parties and family gatherings. Besides the quality products, Five Star Pizza also provides some attractive deals for customers. You can get extra discounts by using their coupon codes.

And these deals are available for both online and offline ordering. Keep reading our article to know more about the best deal. Plus, we will also share the menu, locations, and other details of Five Star Pizza. So, let’s get started.

Five Star Pizza Menu:

The best thing about Five Star Pizza is you can get a variety of menus. And these items are available for both online and offline ordering. If you want to visit a store or order online, make sure you check the following menu:

  • Small Deluxe Pizza
  • Large Deluxe Pizza
  • Extra Large Deluxe Pizza
  • Large Veggie Pizza
  • Extra Large Veggie Pizza
  • Piezilla Veggie
  • All Meat Small Pizza
  • All Meat Large Pizza
  • All Meat Extra Large Pizza
  • Pepperoni Powerhouse Large Pizza
  • Pepperoni Powerhouse Extra Large Pizza
  • Hawaiian Large Pizza
  • Hawaiian Piezilla
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizza
  • Everything Pizza
  • Philly Pizza
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch
  • Pepperoni Rolls
  • Chicken Bites
  • Cheezystix
  • Garlic Rolls
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Brownies

Five Star Pizza Military Discount:

Most pizza brands provide several deals for a special group of people. Military discounts are very common in America. Popular restaurant chains offer a military discount to show respect towards them. A military professional has to show a valid ID to avail of an offer. You can show the ID to the cashier to get the discount. However, no discount is available for online ordering.

Unfortunately, Five Star Pizza doesn’t have a discount for military personnel. We can’t even find a past record for this company. However, we hope they start a discount soon.

Five Star Pizza Student Discount:

As we noted before, Five Star Pizza became very popular among students. It has been a favorite pizza company among the University of Florida’s students. That’s the reason this company offers several coupons for students.

On the other hand, you can see the popularity of this food among the young generation. And Five Star Pizza always attracts students with shocking coupon deals. And these offers are available for both online and offline ordering.

In fact, you can get an extra student discount from a third-party coupon deal website. Keep checking those sites and the official restaurant page to get more details.

Five Star Pizza Teacher Discount:

Besides student discounts, many restaurants provide special deals for teachers, especially when it’s located near a school or university. If you want to get this discount, you have to show a valid ID proof while visiting the store.

However, this type of deal is not available everywhere. In fact, you can’t get them all year. Well, a teacher discount isn’t available for online ordering. And Five Star Pizza doesn’t provide a discount for teachers as well. We are not sure if they had a special deal before.

Five Star Pizza Senior Discount:

You might know that pizza is a favorite food item for Americans. However, it’s more popular among the young generation. If you have been thinking the same, let us tell you a secret. Pizza is also popular among senior citizens.

And that’s why many top brands give special offers to them. An individual has to show a valid ID to get the offer. Right now, Five Star Pizza is not providing any discount for senior citizens. However, they have some similar offers. With its popularity, we can say that this brand will introduce more discounts in the future.

Five Star Pizza Special Discount:

Just like other pizza companies, Five Star Pizza has several offers for customers. You can get special discounts on both online and offline ordering. These special discounts are only applicable for special events. That means you can’t get them all the time.

Most special discounts are available on their outlets and they barely give a special discount for online ordering. In fact, you can’t find any special discount on their official website. In this case, you have to keep visiting your nearby Five Star Pizza. You will get more details from store officials.

Five Star Pizza First Order Discount:

When you order a delicious pizza, you can get several offers. In this case, the first order discount is very common among pizza lovers in America. Most restaurants provide this deal to new customers.

Besides app offers, this discount is also available for offline ordering. And this type of offer is higher than the regular discount. Hence, you can get up to 50% discounts.

However, we can’t find any first order discount for Five Star Pizza. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a mobile app right now. However, you can visit your nearby Five Star Pizza store to know about first-time pizza ordering discounts.

Five Star Pizza Free Delivery:

Every pizza lover looks for the free delivery option. The good thing is most pizza companies provide free delivery with big orders. With the special deal and free delivery, you can save a lot. To get the free delivery, you have to check the website and input your location.

For Five Star Pizza, there is no free delivery option available right now. You have to pay a nominal fee to get pizza delivery. And it depends on your location. They don’t provide free delivery to maintain the quality of service. Plus, you will get your order on time.

Five Star Pizza BOGO Deal:

BOGO stands for Buy One Get One deal. It’s one of the most attractive deals for customers. Many restaurants provide this offer to get new customers. The same goes for pizza companies.

You can find BOGO deals every now and then. On the other hand, some outlets choose a particular week day for a BOGO deal. In this case, Five Star Pizza also provides BOGO deals. However, we are not sure if they have a BOGO deal right now.

On the other hand, there’s no BOGO deal available on the official website. You have to visit a store to check the details.

How to Use Five Star Pizza Coupons Online:

A special discount can make your day, especially when it’s about pizza order. Just like other top companies, Five Star Pizza provides coupon deals for customers. However, you have to follow the right step to use the coupon.

If you are ready for pizza ordering, go to the official website and click on ‘Order Online Now’. Follow the steps by submitting all required details. Now, you have to paste the copied coupon code to get the discount.

You have to follow the same process for a third-party coupon deal. However, this process is only available for the official website as the company doesn’t have a mobile app right now.

Five Star Pizza Rewards:

To attract more customers, pizza companies offer several rewards alongside discount deals. Well, if you don’t have an idea about rewards, let’s clear it first. In simple words, the company will give you points for each order you make.

After collecting points, you can get a special discount from the company. It’s a great way to keep customers. Unfortunately, you can’t get rewards while ordering pizza from Five Star Pizza. However, we are sure they will start this program in the future.

Five Star Pizza Returns:

No matter which pizza brand you are choosing, you have to double-check the return policy. It’s very essential when you order online. Just like other brands, Five Star Pizza provides good service alongside quality pizza.

However, we are not sure about this company’s return policy. Hence, you can’t find a return policy on their official website. Still, if you are not satisfied with their service of food quality you can contact them directly. Go to the official website and reach out to them by visiting the contact us page.

Five Star Pizza Gift Card:

Do you want to give a pizza pass to someone? Well, you can buy a gift card for them. Most restaurants, especially pizza joints sell gift cards. You can either find them in a store or go for a virtual gift card.

Five Star Pizza doesn’t sell gift cards from their official website. And it’s the same for their offline stores. However, you can visit some third-party sites to get the best deals and gift cards. It will be the best gift for a pizza lover.

Five Star Pizza Delivery Policy:

Delivery policy is one of the crucial factors you have to check before, especially if you are a new customer. Most pizza brands publish a delivery policy on their website. Some brands offer free delivery while some charge a nominal fee. It’s for improving their service.

In this case, Five Star Pizza also provides delivery service at a nominal cost. You can check the store’s website and make the order. On the other hand, a pickup option is also available there.

Five Star Pizza Deal of The Day:

Deal of The Day is another exciting offer from a restaurant. Some pizza brands like Five Star Pizza provide a special deal for each day. This deal can have a big discount. However, these deals are not applicable all over the year.

Five Star Pizza doesn’t have any Deal of The Day offer right now. However, you can keep checking the site to grab the best deal. Don’t forget to visit your nearby store if you are from Florida.

Five Star Pizza Locations:

As we noted before, Five Star Pizza is a reputed pizza brand in the US. According to the official website, this brand has a total of 24 outlets in America right now. However, all these stores are only located in Florida. There’s no outlet available in other states of this country.

That means you can only enjoy this company’s delicious pizza only when you are in Florida. Some of the popular stores of Five Star Pizza are located in Orange Park, UNF Town Center, Julington Creek, Gainesville, Palm Coast, and Ocala. To get more information about these stores, you can visit the official website. You can also get the menu there.

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