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About Monical's Pizza

The Monical family began producing pizzas in the small Illinois hamlet of Tolono in 1959. Their dish quickly gained popularity among many of their neighborhood acquaintances and neighbors. Thus was born this amazing brand, a moniker that has come to stand for the best thin crust pizza in the area over time.

There are more than 60 Pizza locations, most of which are in Central Illinois. There are also several locations in Indiana, one in Missouri and one in Wisconsin. Numerous families now consider Monical's outstanding

Pizza is a dining tradition, and the restaurant is a financially stable one that is constantly expanding. In a highly competitive business environment, it  has succeeded in keeping up with and outperforming many of its more established rivals.

This track record of success may be attributed to two factors: People and Vision.

The Family Pleaser is the shorthand for The Monical's mission. People Who Please Others

"In a world that draws people apart... we bring people together," is Monical's mission statement.

The motto of brand is "The Family Pleaser... People Pleasing People," our registered trademark. We support maximizing each person's potential. Our people ethic, which includes all our team members, franchisees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders, motivates our company.

This mission statement may be found in all of our restaurants and encourages our staff to provide only the best service. As a result, everyone who visits one of our restaurants will have a fantastic eating experience, which is our goal. People come back to us because of our consistently high-quality goods, attentive service, and welcoming environment.

The company internalizes the "People Pleasing People" philosophy of the brand. Our third consecutive "Best Practices" nomination and low administrative turnover rate of less than 20% are the results of this strategy. Both have earned us recognition from the restaurant sector for our unique organizational culture.

This  was named the "Best Pizza" restaurant in St. Louis, according to the St. Louis Daily Dispatch. GO! Magazine, which published the results on Sunday, April 29. The Restaurant in O'Fallon, Missouri, the business's first establishment in Missouri, recently marked its second anniversary. Jim Hedge, the marketing coordinator for Monical's Pizza, remarked that being named the best Pizza in St. Louis was a thrill.

In its 59 years of operation, the brand has garnered multiple "Best Pizza" accolades. These successes are a testament to our dedication to offering our customers excellent quality and service. In Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin, it  has 31 franchise locations in addition to 32 corporate restaurants.

Monical's Pizza Menu

They have everything from starters, salads, Healthier Options, Thin Crust Pizza, Pan Pizza, Gluten-Free Pizza, The POINT Pizza, Pizza Toppings, Calzone, Oven-Ready Frozen Pizza, Pleasers, Pasta, Sandwiches, Kids Menu (Children 12 and under), Beverages & Desserts.


Salads, Healthier options, Thin Crust Pizza, Special pizzas are also in this category. In Pan Pizza you have Gluten-free Pizza, The Point Pizza. One can go for Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Hamburger, Steak and Seasoned Chicken in meat seasoning.Veggie Toppings includes Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Onions, Red Onions, Fresh Spinach, Black Olives, Green Olives, Minced Garlic, Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Hot Pepperoncini, Hot Giardiniera and Pineapple.

Monical's Pizza Military Discount

This group of people receives special discounts on their food options. In addition, the different locations give additional discounts to military personnel, students, teachers, and senior citizens according to their discount policy and terms. Each discount percent varies and is decided by the stores in various locations.

As they are spread worldwide, the food products' discounts are different and offer discounts with additional terms and conditions. According to the place and the food, they decide on the special prices for going to the stores.

Only at participating it’s locations are products and deals available. No substitutes. No two offers may be combined. Prices, participation, delivery zone, and hours are all subject to change.

Not all offers include shipping, and delivery fees might be necessary without prior warning, subject to change. In addition, some pizzas exclude extra cheese, premium blend cheese, or portions of extra meat. Pizzas with cheese will not be given a further discount.

Monical's Pizza Student Discount

Students, the country's aspiring future, should also be given some relief on their purchases. Unlike adults, students also do not have much money to spend on their meals.

Therefore, they search for restaurants that offer special offers and discounts to students. Moreover, students have particular student passes. Some restaurants also give an offer that if you show your valid school ID, you can avail of the discounts in the restaurant on your food item purchase. Students are also loyal customers if they are correctly treated in restaurants. They even bring some other customers as well as they do perfect promotion.

Monical's Pizza Teachers Discount:

Teachers work hard and deserve every discount on this planet. they nurture and guide our future geniuses and should be appropriately treated. They also, like other offers, get some price deduction on the final amount to be paid after ordering the food.

Teachers are also loyal and satisfied customers; they give the best reviews and feedback, which are very helpful for restaurants. They recommend the restaurants to their class and the school for lunches and events. This also gives a massive promotion for the restaurants. At Monical's, teachers are served with much respect and dignity and valued as crucial customers.

Monical's Pizza Senior Discount:

Seniors are always given either some extra benefits or bonuses in our society. However, when it comes to restaurants, some give special offers and discounts to senior citizens. They are above 60 in their age to receive the special discounts.

Like the other discounts, they also deduct some from the main amount and are given to the seniors. This is because they do so much for our society, so as a mark of respect, some restaurants offer them discounts so they can feel special and noticed. It also does this to its senior customers to make them feel valued as a customer.

Monical's Pizza Special Discount

There are also special discounts for regular customers. They also give special discounts on occasions like the store anniversary or the company—also, special discounts on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many more.

According to seasons also, special discounts are made in different cities to excite the customers. Special discounts attract more customers in every location. Discounts are the only things that will make the customers return to the restaurant again. Good food and big discounts are the main things that will bring loyal customers.

Monical's Pizza  First Order Discount

As every restaurant gives a first order discount on every delivery here at Monica's Pizza, they provide various discounts on ordering for the first time. It is applicable in every city. First order delivery is a very common discount given to customers when they order food for the first time from the restaurant.

The deal could be monetary while buying the food. They offer some 10 to 15 percent off on food items. They offer discounts to lure customers and order more food to make the first order delivery special. Most restaurants even give free first order delivery. These strategies are done to improve the sales of their restaurant.

Monical's Pizza Free Delivery:

Ordering food up to a certain amount, every customer is given free delivery as per restaurant guidelines. Everyone loves free delivery, so this is a very smart marketing technique to adopt in the food business. Free delivery makes customers buy food, ignoring the delivery charges. Free delivery makes every customer happy.

Free food delivery is accepted only after purchasing a certain amount of food items. Free delivery is applicable for all food items and it locations. Free delivery will make the customers buy more food and avail the services of the restaurant. This offer is given to all the customers and as we know every free thing attracts more clients to the business.

Monical's Pizza BOGO Deal

Another marketing scheme for attracting customers was buying one food item that will give you another same food item for free. This deal is the most famous and applied in every food restaurant to excite the customers to buy more food.

This deal also applies to all the restaurant locations, and some even slightly change the deal, like giving another food item as a part of the buy one get one free. This deal is very famous and the most adopted deal in restaurants. This deal is also popular among the customers and even loved by them most as they get a free item in purchasing one.

How to use Monical's Pizza Coupons Online?

While ordering food online, you can use the coupon, which offers many discounts and offers on food products. The vouchers should be used before proceeding to the payment so that the discounted amount will be shown to the customers.

Coupons are a great deal for customers as they feel unique and valuable. Coupons give the freedom to choose a discount on food items or give special rewards that the customer can use later on any deals.

A happy customer is a satisfying customer, and satisfying customers are very loyal. Restaurants benefit greatly from loyal and regular customers, so giving them coupons can be very profitable for the business. Coupons can be availed both online and offline.

Customers had only one thing to do: buy food items and collect coupons for later use. After these customers are happy and the restaurant also gets good business.

Monical's Pizza Rewards

They also have rewards, returns, and gift cards for regular customers to the restaurant. In addition, special rewards and gift cards are designed for the customers to use on food products for discounts. Rewards and returns are typically the points gained from buying food in most restaurants.

These points are later turned into discounts and are reduced from the total amount after purchasing food. Rewards are also more adopted by the restaurants so that people can enjoy the offers and deals decided by the restaurants.

Monical’s Pizza Returns:

Food items are not generally returned to the kitchen. If you have any issues with it, they might replace the order or can give you any other food item of your choice. Many restaurants do not accept returns as food items cannot be taken back.

You have tasted the food already, and that cannot take back as it cannot be served to someone else. Returns are also not in the policy of the restaurants as it is very unethical to serve someone the food tasted by someone else. Most restaurants do not take returns; instead, they replace your order and give you the same food item or anything else you choose. They do charge extra if you change your food item.

Monical’s Pizza Gift Cards

All these points, returns, and gift cards are done by the restaurants, according to the restaurant's policy. Gift cards are like coupons used by customers while ordering food either offline or online. Gift cards are also a perfect way of attracting customers and also give many loyal customers.

Gift cards also make customers happy as they get discounts on food items. As said before, a satisfied customer is a happy customer. All customers need some amount to be deducted from their total amount to be paid. When they get discounts and gift cards, they even like the restaurant more and even recommend it more. Sometimes these gift cards are also full of materialistic surprises. Customers also get money as a part of their gift cards.

Monical’s Pizza Delivery Policy:

They have delivery people who deliver food to the clients to their homes. No need to step out of the house; order online, and they will provide it to your house. The total must reach a certain amount, after which they will deliver it to your home.

The delivery policy is the set of rules and regulations which the restaurant people set to give special delivery to the customers. A delivery policy is essential for every restaurant so that there is no law violation or injustice towards the customer and the restaurant staff. The delivery policy has a very vital role in the restaurant business, and a delivery restaurant policy is a must.

Monical’s Pizza Deal of the Day:

These are daily deals and offers that the restaurant decides. They change every day and have new offers and discounts to attract customers. The deal of the day gradually changes every day, as the name suggests. They are not consistent with the other deals.

They give much more hype to the customers about the restaurants. Deals of the day include discounts and offers on food items on an everyday basis. The restaurant changes them according to the day, and sometimes they are made according to some special occasions like thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and many more.

Monical’s Pizza Locations:

They are in almost every city in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri. They provide their best services in all these cities and give the taste of authentic Italian food.As the restaurants are spread all over different cities, people find their favorite restaurants in their town. So they do not have to travel to other places to enjoy their favorite food here.

The opening of the restaurants in these cities helps the customers find their favorite restaurants at their place with ease and no fuss. Extending the business also gives more customers, and more business leads to more profits.

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