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About Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart is a network of pizzeria restaurants located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The chain was founded in 1981 by Fred Poulos and Keith Holtaway in Capitola, California. In 1997, the company and Pizza-a-Go-Go, which had its corporate offices in San Jose, California, merged. The new sites retained the name Pizza My Heart. Chuck Hammers currently holds ownership of the business. The chain now has 25 sites.

A relatively unusual idea in California at the time it was created, the original concept was an urban East Coast pizza. On May 19, 1981, shortly after the first store opened, Fred took several strange street photos that were combined to produce the original image, which was then published for the first time in the Santa Cruz entertainment magazine "Good Times." Soon after, aspiring cartoonist "Newest" got in touch with the two and offered that they use some of Fred's characters as cartoons and create something akin to a running comic strip as a means of promoting. Due to the campaign's outstanding performance, the first Santa Cruz store opened in the downtown region at the former Transit Center.

In addition to pizza, the restaurant menu also includes salads, munchies, slices, desserts, and beverages. The various toppings can be added to or removed from a medium-sized round or heart-shaped pizza to make it exactly how you want it.  Prices for pizzas range from $13 to $35 depending on their size and style. Slices of various pizzas are available for purchase, by the way. Pizzas with this choice can be both meat- and veggie-based. The typical price per item is $5.

The company makes planning a memorable event simple by allowing you to arrange catering for any quantity of people. To make up for the slightly higher than average price of the menu items, the company provides discount codes, coupons, and special deals. Fred Poulos and Keith Holtaway, the business's founders, staked a win on an unconventional notion in California. Their vision of a prosperous future business was an urban East Coast pizzeria with soothing music typical of "The Stones." Immediately

Instead of ordering an entire pizza, you can ask for slices at PMH. Additionally, it routinely posts announcements on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter about various competitions, deals, and discounts to mark holidays or just because. The company usually provides opportunities for fundraisers where customers can buy certain menu items to raise money for charitable causes or to support needy social groups.

Pizza My Heart Menu

Pizza My Heart's menu features a sizable assortment of pizzas. Pizza is available in three sizes: Small (12 inches), medium (14 inches), and large pizzas (18 inches) are all available at Pizza My Heart. In addition to mouthwatering salads, appetizers, desserts, and slices, there are more than 30 standard pizza options available, including the chance to create your pie. Additionally, the menu offers pizza options for vegans and vegetarians.

There are both veg and non-veg varieties of pizza available. Presently on sale are 17 meat-topped pizzas, among them Todos Santos, Sunset Beach, Maui Mowie, and others. Several other award-winning pizzas, such as Big Sur, Little Sur, Figgy Piggy, Watsonville Apple, and Fort Point, are also offered on the menu.

There are presently 14 pizza variants that are vegan and vegetarian, including the well-known Virgin Greek pizza. There are several different pizzas to choose from, including pesto, sand dollars, Manresa, and Linda mar. The prices are almost identical to those for pizza with meat on top. Additionally, Miyoko's plant-based mozzarella may be used as a topping on any pizza in place of the usual dairy mozzarella.

Pizza My Heart Military Discount

A military discount is a special discount for all duty members who are in the military. With this fantastic deal, you can buy more things for less money. The military discount would be made public a short while later. To start, you can examine the September discounts and the store's promo codes. Then, pay close attention to the most current Coupons in the Coupon.Pizza and get the things you want for less money. Why not try Coupons? we guarantee that it will provide you with the most latest and complete list of deals.

Pizza My Heart Students Discount

Customers who are currently enrolled in school receive exclusive discounts only from the company. Customers can save more money when they buy at stores that offer discounts to students. The company will reveal their student discount a few days later.

In the meanwhile, you can search for any Pizza My Heart coupons or special offers that could be accessible. By carefully reading the list of coupons and incentives, you can ensure that your orders meet the conditions of the offer. Coupon.Pizza is delighted to supply you with information on discounts. Experience the thrill of shopping!

Pizza My Heart Teachers Discount

There aren't any discounts offered by Pizza my heart just for teachers, but they do provide several additional discounts that everyone, including teachers, can take advantage of.

And on other occasions, such as during teacher appreciation week and similar events, there are days when exclusive discounts are provided to teachers. If you want to learn more, you may, of course, visit the restaurant nearest you. You can also take more benefits by using these discounts and promos.

Pizza My Heart Senior Discount

Senior discounts—as the name implies—are exclusive deals that are only accessible to consumers who are 65 and older. They can help you save a little money when you make a purchase. Coupon. Pizza frequently updates its collection of Pizza My Heart promo codes and deals. Watch for the coupon codes on the page, then use them to take advantage of the large savings at the register.

Place your order as soon as possible at to avoid paying more. Coupon.Pizza Regularly compiles more complete promo codes for your convenience and financial benefit.

How To Use Pizza My Heart Coupons?

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest ways to reduce the price of your order is to use an appropriate coupon code. There are virtually always fantastic deals and discounts available for you at the store. The bulk of them is regularly accessible on the PMH website, social media pages, and other websites that aggregate promo codes. Utilizing coupons can be done in one of two ways:

-If placing an online order, enter the Pizza My Heart coupon code in a designated field on the checkout page.

-Simply tell or display the promo code to the appropriate person at the store when placing an in-person order.

Keep in mind that certain coupons could only apply in certain physical locations. Additionally, it's important to be aware that frequently customers are only permitted to use one discount or offer per visit/order. Additionally, several promotional offers are only accessible to members of particular social groups, such as students, members of the military, instructors, and others.

Pizza My Heart Special Discount

On its official website, they compile promotional offers and gift cards. Simply choose special orders for your location there to receive discounts or free promotional vouchers. Additionally, the company posts competition announcements on social media for its followers. The victors can receive substantial discounts on any menu item, including specials, and can also win gift cards.

Additionally, PMH doesn't overlook our happiness by offering us fantastic holiday bargains. For instance, it frequently promotes sales around holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween. There are currently the following special offers and discounts available:

Pizza My Heart First Order Discount

Everyone who signs up for the Pizza My Heart rewards program will receive $5 off their first purchase. It's a complimentary slice of pizza! On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the company often updates its followers on new promotions, contests, and discounts.

Visit the real site or contact directly to learn more about all applicable hot offers for certain locations. Orders placed for the first time are usually special, thus receiving discounts on your first purchase would make you very happy. However, every order placed is unique since it will always come with a unique offer or discount.

You may order your favourite pizzas right away and get a great deal thanks to the offer of the day. You may also go to the restaurant's website and select from a variety of order coupons that, when used, will give you a nice discount on your entire purchase, including pizzas, pasta, beverages, and more.

Pizza My Heart Free Delivery

Standard shipping is always free when you place an order from and spend more than the amount they've specified for the particular item. There are times when it can be challenging to obtain the store's free shipping coupon.

There is usually a minimal purchasing quantity for them. On the other side, there are instances where free shipping is only available with a smaller minimum order value. For September, the company has tested free shipping deals and discounts that can help you locate great products at lower prices.

Pizza My Heart Rewards

With the help of the rewards program, you can get further savings on your subsequent purchases. The Pizza My Heart rewards program has already begun, and the coupons page offers discounts and companies' promo codes.

Then, as soon as you realize you've forgotten to use the Coupon Codes, add the necessary items to your shopping basket. Follow us to receive updates on the company's rewards program. Coupon. Pizza regularly posts several high-quality coupon codes and deals.

Pizza My Heart Gift Cards

Help Pizza My Heart get the word out! Gift cards are available at the store to purchase for coworkers, friends, and family. Both physical and digital gift cards are available in different designs. Depending on your interests or those of your friends, you can decide what to buy. While digital gift cards are easier to use and less likely to get lost, physical gift cards are more memorable.

Pizza My Heart BOGO Deal

Naturally, there is a BOGO offer at Pizza my heart. It stands for the perennially well-liked Buy One Get One offer, for those who are unfamiliar with the term. You can enjoy more things at a lower price thanks to the deal. When compared to paying half as much for the pizza, it is comparable.

You can take advantage of BOGO offers at the store where you can choose the pizza of your choice and get the second pizza completely free. You will be able to fill up on tasty meals at a significantly lower cost thanks to the best pizza selections available.

Pizza My Heart Return Policy

Even though you would probably enjoy the Pizza my heart options, there may be times when you want to change or cancel an order. They do not currently have a refund or exchange policy listed on their official website. To find out the most recent information on the returns, you can check their official website to see if there have been any updates.

If you have a valid reason to ask for a refund or return of your pizzas, call the store's location that is most convenient for you. They can provide you with instructions if you want to exchange or refund your pizza order.

Pizza My Heart Deal Of The Day

At the well-known pizza restaurant company offers and discounts are never far away. There are season-specific sales, as well as random sales throughout the year. Of course, there are also daily sales. Check out the offer that is available on the day of your order to take advantage of incredible discounts.

These could include BOGO deals, second pizza savings, free drinks and toppings, and more. You'd be pleasantly delighted to go through all of these offers when you purchase the most delectable pizzas of your choosing.

Pizza My Heart Locations

A block-long line formed in front of Pizza My Heart's entrance as the restaurant first opened its doors to the surfers. They expanded into other parts of California after finding success in the Bay Area.

What originally began as a tiny shop the size of a bedroom in Capitola Beach, California, has since grown to include other locations around the state of California.

Pizza My Heart restaurants can be found in the California (CA) cities of Burlingame, Capitola, Cupertino, Emeryville, Isla Vista, Los Gatos, Monterey, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, and Walnut Creek.

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