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About Pizza Ranch:

Founded in 1981 a Midwestern fast food restaurant chain, Pizza Ranch has harbored a larger network of customers with its exotic flavors of pizzas, chicken buffet salad bar, and more delicacies. Adrie Groeneweg and Lawrence Vander Esch together founded the restaurant before Lawrence Vander Esch left in 2001 when he got arrested for sexually abusing his teen employees.

December 21, 1981, in Hull, Iowa stood the first establishment of Pizza Ranch, which was followed by the second branch in Orange City, Iowa in 1983. Exotic taste and captivating deals made Pizza Ranch the expert in pizza and chicken all over the United States, which is evident in its growing popularity.

Pizza Ranch which had its headquarters located in Hull, Iowa had moved to Orange City, Iowa. A Christian-based company Pizza Ranch visions its motives as to glorify God by positively impacting the world that we all live in.

A thing worth noting is that Iowa is the first primary for US presidential elections and also Pizza Ranch's 70 franchises present in Iowa alone make it a frequent stop for presidential candidates. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have had the appearance once too.

Pizza Ranch Menu:

Exciting flavors to serve your taste buds with mouth-watering finger-licking delicacies that you just can't resist. Whether you are hungry to fill your belly with the buffet or the legendary Pizzas with a variety of crust, sauces, and toppings to tempt you to want more.

Even if you are bored with the normal pizza you are free to create your single toppings and gluten-free Ranch specialties to serve your taste buds with the food exactly as you like.

Wait there are more options because crispy Ranch chicken with the perfect blend of spices, seasonings, and sauces will keep you coming back for more. Nice and tender, it is almost unreal and this is why it's the customer's first choice.

Want more chicken? Then wings and tenders are the best options. Mixed with signature sauces combined with sides and beverages makes the perfect meal to fill your appetite.

And finally, no food is complete without a desert so why not have the signature cactus bread and cinnamons streusel with the sweetest icing? Sounds hard to resist huh!

Pizza Ranch Military Discount:

The longest-standing pizza restaurant in the US unfortunately does not offer a military discount. However, one of the Facebook posts of Pizza Ranch dated back to 2018, mentions the offer of a military discount of 10% by showing them your military ID in order to redeem the discount at least at some branches that took part.

Despite that, according to the statistics, the eatery as of the current date does not show any subsequent discount to the military personnel.

Pizza Ranch Student Discount:

Pizza Ranch pizzeria, like many other restaurants, has gained several student customers since the time it was established. And, to make it more convenient for students, one of the 2019 Facebook posts of Pizza Ranch claims to provide a special student offer on the buffet, from Monday to Friday lunch and for all day on Wednesdays during the buffet hours at only $7.99 by showing the valid student ID.

However, this comes to our news that according to the current time frame, Pizza Ranch is not offering any discounts for the students.

Pizza Ranch Teacher Discount:

Pizza Ranch unfortunately does not offer any discounts for the teachers, unlike many other pizza restaurants in the food industry do. There might be a possibility that the restaurant used to offer such a deal like many others similar to it in the previous years but it surely does not have such an offer in today’s market.

Pizza Ranch Senior Discount:

There was a time when most eateries used to offer a senior discount in exchange for ID proof or any type of age proof, similar to how Pizza Ranch used to offer the Buffet special for seniors. The offer was for the senior citizens valid on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11 am to 2 pm on quite obviously the lunch buffet which included undisputedly pizza, chicken, salad bar, desserts, and a drink at the price of $6.99.

The discount was valid for people 65 years old and above, however, no such discount is valid on the current date. It seems like Pizza Ranch has stopped offering senior discounts.

Pizza Ranch Special Discount:

Quite a special deal offered by Pizza Ranch is a free buffet to the kids. Every branch for Pizza Ranch hosts kids eat free day events on a particular day to let the kids have some treats and maybe some extra bites.

According to the special offer, on ordering an adult buffet at the regular price you will get a free kid’s buffet during the days of Kids eat free events. You can contact your nearest Pizza Ranch restaurant to learn more about when they held the event.

Special discount at Pizza Ranch has something more on the list and that is their bonus points. Every time you download the application of Pizza Ranch and register to it, you will earn 25 bonus points per account which you can later use to get rewards and redeem special deals to get the discounts. You also get the annual $5 reward on your Ranch reward card on your birthday. You can use the birthday bonus for up to 30 days from its issue date.

What is special about all this is that Pizza Ranch is offering an exclusive offer to earn up double points every Wednesday for a limited period. You can get the chance to earn double points on purchases up to $100 over $100 purchases will earn you the regular points. The deal of double is valid for carryout as well as for delivery orders placed online.

Pizza Ranch First Order Discount:

Many eateries and restaurants unlike Pizza Ranch offer the first order discount although that is not the case with Pizza Ranch as they do not offer any discount for the first time ordering.

Pizza Ranch Free Delivery:

The free delivery policy is indeed a very common factor among competitors in the food industry. For the record, Pizza Ranch also has participated in the scheme of free delivery at some branches of it. However, they did it for a limited time frame, and to be valid for the offer the order placed must be $20 and above.

At this point, we can find no such deal of free delivery, and you will be charged some amount for ordering pizzas online through Pizza Ranch.

Pizza Ranch BOGO Deal:

One of the biggest food chains in the United States, with its exciting pizzas and delicious buffets including other savories, does offer timely BOGO deals on special occasions for a limited period. The BOGO deals are easily accessible and require you to redeem them by using a code.

The deals that the eatery has offered in the past include interesting offers such as a second adult buffet free on buying one, or on buying one pizza you can get the second pizza of the same size the half of its actual price or even BOGO deals for other food items including the salad bar, chicken wings and a lot more.

It is a great way to treat yourself with a double dose of your favorite delicacies by spending almost half of the actual price.

How to Use Pizza Ranch Coupons Online:

Believe us if you want to save some pennies off for your next time purchase then using the discount codes can help you a lot and it is definitely not rocket science to learn how to use the codes properly to redeem the awards.

All you have to do is go to the website of Pizza Ranch and select the food items you want to order, then add them to your basket and click the option for purchasing. You will be required to fill out the necessary delivery details and then you will be moved on to the payment part.

Before purchasing you need to copy and paste the correct discount code on the particular tab mentioned to enter the discount codes. To avail of the discount, you have to make sure that the discount code is valid for your order and it is not expired.

After entering the code you will see the reduced amount before you make the purchase. This is how you can properly avail the benefits of a discount code and save up a bit more for ordering next time.

Pizza Ranch Rewards:

When exotic taste comes with exciting rewards it makes the best blend. That is how the Pizza Ranch rewards work. You can use your Pizza Ranch reward card every time you visit the restaurant as on every dollar spent on the eligible food and beverage you will be earning one reward point. Every 100 reward points will turn into $5 that you can use for purchases through any platform including online orders. The rewards will be valid to use within the time period of 60 days.

By registering for the reward card you will also be eligible for a $5 birthday bonus and special events and offers. Also, only the cards purchased in-store are eligible for earning the Ranch reward points, online card purchasing through any third-party retailer does not count you as eligible to earn any Ranch reward or for in-store gift card promotions.

Pizza Ranch Returns:

The return policy of almost every other eatery is quite similar to others in the industry the same way Pizza Ranch follows up. Any order is obligated to be canceled before 45 minutes of the order commencement.

With orders canceled in the time being are subject to a refund that gets back to you in 7 to 10 business days whereas, the orders that get canceled after the time of commencement or delivery are not subjected to get the cash refund. You are suggested to contact the nearest branch of Pizza Ranch to know more about the return policy.

Pizza Ranch Gift Cards:

Food gift cards, especially if it is a pizza gift card, make the best gifts for food lovers, and that is why Pizza Ranch has their special gift cards for you to treat your loved ones with the best meal of their lives. You can access the gift card at any restaurant branch of the Pizza Ranch. Every single branch will be accountable to accept the card’s balance for any eligible purchases. So no more time to spare, get your loved one a delicious gift with a Pizza Ranch gift card.

Pizza Ranch Delivery Policy:

Are you hosting a party? It is so tiring to get all the arrangements done perfectly on time without making any compromises, right? This is why Pizza Ranch has got your back! With the exciting tasty menu to choose from, leave your worries about the food on Pizza Ranch. With readily available catering experts Pizza Ranch has been serving the best food for years.

They take full care of the health, hygiene as well as climate by ethically providing every item in the disposable containers with complete cutlery to help you save some time for yourself. To know more about the services you can fill out the form on the official website of Pizza Ranch.

Pizza Ranch Deal of the Day:

Pizza Ranch offers a variety of flavors with exclusive offers to help you with some itty bitty pennies here and there. With their special offers including Kids eat free events Pizza Ranch is attracting numbers of families having kids. Other than the offers, events, rewards, and coupons, Pizza Ranch does not promote Deal of the day schemes.

The possibility lies in that such a scheme has existed in the past years but as of now no such deal of the day features the restaurant.

Pizza Ranch Locations:

Pizza Ranch, one of the biggest fast food chains in the American market, has over 200 locations including 70 locations alone in Iowa.

Since the restaurants started getting recognition there was no looking back. Today Pizza Ranch has its restaurants in several cities including Iowa, Arkansas, Wyoming, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Illinois, Kansas, and Colorado.

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